How do I apply for Postal jobs and exams?

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Recent sweeping revisions to the Postal hiring and testing program changed everything. The application system, the exams, and everything else is new. The most common question we hear is still: “When is the next test date?” But under the new system, there’s no such thing as test dates. You can now apply for jobs and takes exams virtually anytime you want. And everything is now done electronically online – the job search, the application, and even the exams.

These massive revisions, by the way, rendered all prior Postal books obsolete. We had to pull all our old publications off the market and publish all new materials. Unfortunately, other publishers for the most part have not taken such actions, which is why obsolete Postal guides have become a widespread problem. See our Consumer Alert for details.

Here’s a quick overview of the new process followed by more detailed information:

1. Let’s say that they need to hire one person at your local Post Office. The local Postmaster will post that job on the Postal Service website, and this posting will be up for several weeks. The same thing happens every time they need to hire a new employee anywhere in the country, so there are always many jobs waiting to be filled.

2. You search online, find a job posting, and apply for it online. As part of the new application process – right there and then while you are completing the online application – they schedule you to take the exam locally within a few days. The new process is fast. Once you find a job posting, the application and testing process is completed in a few days. You can apply for as many job postings as you want, but you must apply for each of them individually one by one.

3. However, hundreds of other people will have found and applied for the same job(s) you did, maybe even thousands. After all the applications and exam scores are collected, only three people will be considered for this job. Only the applicants with the top three scores are invited to an interview, and only one of these three is hired. The bottom line is that, in order to have any chance at all, you must have one of the top three scores. This makes effective test preparation an absolute necessity. And your test preparation must be completed prior to even applying because, since you will take the exam only a few days later, there will simply not be enough time left afterward for the necessary study and practice.

So, what do you need to do in order to take advantage of this new application system?

The first thing you must do is learn about all the different entry level job titles. Openings are posted by job title. To effectively search and apply for postings, you must know what the job titles mean. You must know the job descriptions, the employment requirements, the required exams, etc. for all the different job titles.

Next you need to learn about the different exams. The good news is that over 90% of all jobs are filled from one single test, new exam 473E. The most common jobs (all that have anything to do with sorting mail, handling mail, delivering mail, etc.) and the front counter retail clerk job are all filled from exam 473E. As part of the recent revisions, three old exams (460, 473, and 473C) were all retired and replaced by a single new mega test, exam 473E. The bad news is that this test carries an 80-90% failure rate, yet another reason why effective preparation for exam 473E is so important.

Once you are familiar with the job titles and the exams, are you ready to tackle the online job search and application processes? Yes and no. There are some very serious obstacles that must be overcome in order to successfully negotiate the new system. It is amazing how a bureaucratic government organization can make what ought to be a simple and straightforward affair into such a complicated, time consuming, and frustrating process. But it’s their ballgame, so we have to play by their rules. Following is information on the obstacles involved and how we can help you overcome these obstacles. Included as well are directions for attempting the process on your own if so desired. However, as detailed below, your chances for success without professional guidance are very slim.

  • The new eCareer application system allows you to apply anytime, but it is a nightmare to use. It is a seemingly never-ending series of confusing electronic steps, forms, cover letters, attachments, and conflicting instructions that will take you hours and hours to complete.
  • Properly completing the nightmarish online application is just as important as your exam score. If your application is not properly completed, it may get kicked out after submission. You will think that you applied, but in fact you did not because your application was rejected. And when choosing who gets invited to an interview, they look at exam scores and applications. If there are doubts or concerns about the application, the applicant is passed over. Even if you ace the exam, you will not be invited to an interview unless your application is perfect.
  • Worst of all, due to programming glitches and chronic posting errors, the new online job search function is a disaster. You are supposed to be able to search for jobs by keywords, location, zip code, functional area, etc. But absolutely none of these search functions work as intended, and some simply do not work at all. And each of the over 30,000 Postmasters nationwide posts their own job openings, but few of them do it correctly. These posting errors are a huge problem. Even if the search function worked properly, it could not report jobs that were posted incorrectly. Finding all the job listings is impossible unless you can get around these job search issues. You can only apply for jobs that the search function reports to you, so if you can’t get the search function to really report all the available postings, you simply cannot apply. Click here for a detailed explanation of these job search problems.

These issues are so serious that it’s just not possible to explain the application process in a few paragraphs. The new system is so bad and the job search problems are so immense that we had to publish a book, How to Really Get Postal Jobs, mostly to answer the question of how to apply. The primary purpose of this 352 page book, by bestselling Postal job/exam author T. W. Parnell, is to provide professional guidance for navigating the mind boggling application process.

It took months, but Mr. Parnell eventually discovered how to trick the problematic job search function into really reporting all the postings. In addition, his book contains information on all Postal jobs and exams. There are different jobs filled from different exams, and some jobs don’t even require an exam. There are various employment routes available with the Postal Service, and this book has details on all of them. How to Really Get Postal Jobs sells for only $19.95, which is an incredibly small investment compared to the returns offered by a Postal job. The application process is the same for all jobs whether they require an exam or not, and success is doubtful without professional guidance for navigating the new application system. For a good idea of what How to Really Get Postal Jobs has to offer, check out the eCareer Application System excerpt from the book’s table of contents at the bottom of this page.

Back to the question about how to apply, now that you know about the obstacles involved, there are two options:

1. The best option is to click here to order your own copy of How to Really Get Postal Jobs. In addition to saving you untold hours of confusion and frustration, choosing this option gets you get the professional guidance needed to assure that your application is indeed 100% accurate and complete. Plus the book gives you the tips needed to get the job search function to really work for you.

2. The other option is to simply wish you luck and send you to to try it on your own. You can start by clicking either the “Search jobs online” or “Create your eCareer profile” links on that web page. You would be better off in the long run to start by clicking the “Create your eCareer profile” link, but most people are unwilling to do so and want to immediately start looking for job postings. However, as discussed above, the online job search function is the worst part of the new system. The search function is never going to really report all available jobs for you without the tips in How to Really Get Postal Jobs.

How to Really Get Postal Jobs — Table of Contents Excerpt

  • New eCareer Application System
  • About eCareer
  • eCareer Sequence & Timing
  • Create an eCareer Profile/Account
    • Instructions & Tips
    • Registration
    • Personal Data
    • Work Experience
    • Education / Training
    • General Eligibility
    • Veterans Preference
    • Attachments
    • Assessments
    • Review & Release
    • What now?
  • Search for Jobs on eCareer
    • Why the eCareer Job Search Doesn’t Really Work
    • Full Text Search
    • City Search
    • Location (State) Search
    • Zip Code Search
    • Functional Area Search
    • How to Trick the eCareer Job Search into Working for You
    • Search Tips
  • Apply
    • Instructions & Tips
    • Order a Study Guide before Applying (if required)
    • Personal Data
    • Work Experience
    • Education / Training
    • General Eligibility
    • Veterans Preference
    • Cover Letter
    • Attachments
    • Summary of Accomplishments & References
    • Driving History
    • Authorization & Release
    • EEO & Disability
    • Send Application
    • Acknowledgement of Application
    • Exam Notification (if required)
    • What now?
    • Can you apply for a job without creating an eCareer profile/account?
  • Take an Exam (if required)
    • About eCareer Exams
    • Create an Assessment Account
    • Electronic Exam 230/238/240
    • Electronic Exam 473E
    • Hybrid Exam 710
    • Hybrid Exam 916
    • Electronic Exam 943/944
    • Electronic Exam 955
    • What’s next?
  • Continue Applying if Not Successful
  • Use Your Score to Apply for Jobs Nationwide
  • Consider Retaking the Exam (if required)
  • Contact Info for eCareer Help
  • Apply for jobs & take exams anytime you want! No more waiting for test dates!
  • There’s less competition for jobs under eCareer!