Automotive Mechanic / Technician

Test required: Postal Exam 943/944

Starting Wages: Starting wages in 2009 were $19.29-20.18 per hour.

The U.S. Postal Service has over 200,000 vehicles, the largest civilian fleet of vehicles in the world. Keeping all these vehicles running properly requires a fleet of skilled Automotive Mechanics and Automotive Technicians.

The Postal Service publishes the one below job description for both the Automotive Mechanic and Automotive Technician positions:

Perform routine and complex repairs and maintenance on all types of motor vehicles. Troubleshoot and diagnose more complex vehicle malfunctions using a variety of computerized test equipment.

However, there are indeed differences as follows:

  • Functions
    • Automotive Mechanics perform basic automotive repairs, maintenance, etc.
    • Automotive Technicians are expected to handle more complex repairs, maintenance, etc.
  • Exams
    • Automotive Mechanic applicants take exam 943 which covers basic automotive mechanic skills.
    • Automotive Technician applicants take exam 943 plus exam 944 which is more challenging.
  • Starting Wages
    • Automotive Mechanic starting wages in 2009 were $19.29 per hour.
    • Automotive Technician starting wages in 2009 were $20.18 per hour.

These are full-time career positions that come with full benefits.

How to apply.