City Carrier

Test required: Postal Exam 473 / 473E

Starting Wages: Starting wages in 2009 were $19.84 per hour.

City Carriers deliver and collect mail on foot or by vehicle under varying road and weather conditions in a prescribed area. They must maintain professional and effective public relations with customers and others, requiring a general familiarity with Postal laws, regulations, products and procedures commonly used, and with the geography of the area. City Carriers may be required to carry mail weighing up to 35 pounds in shoulder satchels or other equipment and to load or unload mail weighing up to 70 pounds.

In addition, City Carriers must…

  • Work assigned tour and days.
  • Follow policies and procedures for personal conduct at work, including adhering to rules and regulations.
  • Provide service to the public.
  • Maintain a neat and professional appearance and demeanor in such interactions, including wearing an approved uniform.
  • Have a valid state driver’s license, and demonstrate and maintain a safe driving record.

This is a full-time career position that comes with full benefits.

How to apply.