Custodial Maintenance

Test required: Postal Exam 916

Starting Wages: Starting wages in 2009 were $16.64 per hour.

Custodians clean and maintain buildings and grounds. Postal policy states that this job and its exam are restricted to preference eligible military veterans. If you meet this qualification, read on. If not, you might as well skip this section and move on to other possible jobs and/or exams.


  • Must have the ability to stand, stoop, bend and stretch for long periods of time, and to manually lift and carry objects weighing 45 pounds or more without assistance.
  • Must have the ability to understand and carry out oral instructions expressed in English.
  • Must operate power assisted tools and power driven custodial equipment, and must have the ability to work at heights from ladders, walkways, and scaffolds.

This is a full-time career position that comes with full benefits.

How to apply.