Postmaster Relief / Replacement

The Postmaster Relief / Replacement (PMR) job is an unusual non-career relief position. Before describing the job, we must first describe where these jobs are available.

There are small Post Offices in communities across the country that have only one single employee. This employee has the title of Postmaster, but in fact he/she does it all. The functions available in one of these small Post Offiices are usually limited to P.O. Boxes and a retail counter where you can get stamps, buy money orders, drop off packages to be mailed, etc. These small facilities may not even offer mail delivery. Due to lesser business demands, these small Post Offices may not keep normal business hours. They may be open only certain hours of the day and/or certain days of the week.

Even in one of these small Post Offices, the one single employee – the “Postmaster” – gets days off, takes vacations, needs to occasionally take sick leave, etc. When this employee is out, it is the job of a PMR to cover for him/her. The PMR position is a part-time relief job to cover for the Postmaster at one of these small Post Offices when the Postmaster is out for whatever reason. PMR’s are not career employees and do not get benefits.

As you might expect, a PMR gets limited hours. The actual Postmaster may not even get full-time hours, so what can the PMR expect?

PMR wages vary by location.

PMR applicants are not required to take an exam.

How to apply.