Exam 710 Retired and Replaced by Exam 473E

Exam 710 was the public test used to fill Data Conversation Operator jobs for many years, but it was phased out in late 2013. Data Conversation Operator jobs are now filled from exam 473E.

Any study guide claiming to prepare you for exam 710 is therefore simply and completely obsolete. This test no longer exists. A guide for a nonexistent test can do you no good whatsoever.

New exam 473E is used to fill over 90% of all “normal” Postal jobs having anything to do with delivering mail, processing mail, customer service, etc. And now the Data Conversion Operator job has been added to the list of positions filled from exam 473E.

See our exam 473E page for full details on this test.

See our PSE Data Conversion Operator page for full details on this job.