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Obsolete Postal Job & Exam Guide Checklist
Sweeping revisions to the U.S. Postal Service hiring and testing program rendered most Postal titles now in public library collections obsolete, and patrons using these obsolete books are doomed to sure failure. Shortly after these revisions were completed, T. W. Parnell – bestselling author of Pathfinder’s Postal career guides – published his new updated title, How to Really Get Postal Jobs / ISBN 978-0-940182-29-5, and began a campaign to enlighten libraries of the urgent need to purge obsolete books. Librarians have been overwhelmingly receptive to Mr. Parnell’s information, and he was asked at a recent library speaking engagement to publish a checklist for identifying and purging obsolete titles. In short order he created such a checklist that enables librarians to identify and purge obsolete Postal titles based upon three factors:

1. Publish Date: Titles published before the revisions were implemented are necessarily obsolete.
2. Old Exams: Titles referring to old exams that no longer exist are obviously obsolete.
3. New Exams: Up-to-date titles must contain information on the new exams currently in use.

Below is a link to this checklist provided as a PDF file so that it can be conveniently downloaded, printed, and shared.
Click here for the Obsolete Postal Job & Exam Guide Checklist.

Additional information on this topic is presented in Mr. Parnell’s bulletin published by Library Journal.

Pathfinder Titles Are Available from Major Wholesalers
Pathfinder titles, including our new updated book How to Really Get Postal Jobs / ISBN 978-0-940182-29-5, are available through major wholesalers including Baker & Taylor, Brodart, and Ingram. In addition, libraries and booksellers can order directly from Pathfinder at bulk discounts depending upon the quantity. Contact Pathfinder for details.

Speaking Engagements by T. W. Parnell
Mr. Parnell is available for speaking engagements, schedule permitting. His presentations about the recent revisions, the critical need to purge obsolete titles, and the Postal Service’s current employment situation are particularly popular and well received. (And the Postal Service is hiring. There are an average of 1,000 open jobs posted on their website every day.) Be forewarned, however, that Mr. Parnell is known to spring pop tests – abbreviated Postal exams – on his audiences during these presentations. These pop tests are fun, but the experience is humbling and enlightening as well. Contact Pathfinder to inquire about a speaking engagement.