Assistant Rural Carrier (ARC)

The Assistant Rural Carrier (ARC) job is part-time relief position responsible for deliveries in rural areas on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays. The ARC job is a non-career position that does not come with benefits.

An ARC may be expected to use his/her personal vehicle for delivering mail. However, in such a case, the ARC is compensated on a generous per-mile basis for using the personal vehicle.

There is no exam required for this position. Based upon application content, a few applicants are selected to be interviewed, and one gets the job.

The goal of many ARC’s is to get a career position, so they continually search open job postings and apply for any feasible opportunities. Most positions require an applicant to take exam 473E, so ARC’s should expect to take this test when applying for other jobs. And as explained throughout our site, test preparation is essential due to this exam’s high failure rate. Our bestselling Complete Postal Exam 473E Interactive eGuide provides the most effective test-taking strategies and ultra-realistic interactive online practice tests. For an idea of what this guide can do for you, see the customer reviews.

Here is where the advantage of an ARC job comes in… If their score is high enough to get an interview invitation, they have it made. They will breeze through the interview without question — assuming of course that they have been a valued and productive employee while working as an ARC. The interview will be a mere formality. When comparing a known productive employee against several unknowns, a Postmaster will choose the known productive employee every time.

How to apply.