PSE Data Conversion Operator

Test required: Postal Exam 473 / 473E

To prepare mail for automated sorting, a PSE Data Conversion Operator (1) reads a typed or handwritten address from the image of a letter on a monitor and then (2) selects essential information from the address and types this information using a keyboard so that (3) the computer can covert the address information to a bar code to be applied to the actual letter. Hence the job title…PSE DCO Data Conversion Operators operate a computer to convert typed or handwritten data into bar codes that can be scanned and sorted by automated equipment.

This job obviously requires data entry skills. In addition to employment exam 473/473E, PSE Data Conversion Operator applicants are required to take exam 714, a typing/keyboarding test that assesses speed and accuracy. Acceptable scores on exam 714 vary by location.

PSE Data Conversion Operator jobs are only available at facilities called Remote Encoding Centers, and the Postal Service only has two of these facilities – one in Salt Lake City, UT and one in Wichita, KS. These two facilities handle the data conversion function remotely and electronically for the entire country. Each of these facilities has anywhere from several hundred to over a thousand employees.

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