PSE Mail Processing Clerk

Test required: Postal Exam 473 / 473E

This is an employee who works inside a Postal facility and who rarely sees the public.

PSE Mail Processing Clerks process incoming and outgoing mail in both plant and Post Office facilities using automated mail processing equipment or manual methods of sortation and distribution. They must be able to read and sort mail quickly and accurately. PSE Mail Processing Clerks also collate, bundle, and transfer processed mail from one area to another, and they may be required to handle heavy sacks of letter mail or parcels weighing as much as 70 pounds.

A PSE Mail Processing Clerk job is your route to a career position. PSE and Assistant jobs are late breaking news. Some of these newly created jobs were introduced only months ago. Other websites without details on PSE and Assistant jobs may be giving you outdated info. Our PSE and Assistant job page gives full up-to-date details including the fact that most career positions are filled by promoting PSE’s and Assistants.

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