PSE Motor Vehicle Operator / Tractor Trailer Operator

Test required: Postal Exam 230/238/240

The U.S. Postal Service has over 200,000 vehicles, the largest civilian fleet of vehicles in the world. With that many vehicles, the Postal Service needs a fleet of professional drivers to operate all these vehicles. As detailed below, there are three different types of driving positions.

PSE Motor Vehicle Operator (PSE MVO)
Operates mail trucks to pick up and transport mail in bulk.

PSE Tractor Trailer Operator (PSE TTO)
Operates heavy-duty tractor trailers either in over-the-road service, city shuttle service, or trailer spotting operations.

PSE Motor Vehicle Operator / Tractor Trailer Operator (PSE MVO/TTO)
Performs both the above types of driving functions.


  • Must have at least two years of driving experience, with at least one year of full-time experience (or equivalent) driving at least a 7 ton capacity truck or 16 passenger bus. For Tractor Trailer Operators, at least six months of the truck driving experience must be with tractor trailers. The driving must have taken place in the United States or its possessions or territories, or in U.S. military installations worldwide.
  • Must have a safe driving record required
  • At the time of appointment, must have a valid Commercial Driver’s License from the state in which you live, with air brakes certification, for the type(s) of vehicle(s) used on the job.

Required Exams:
PSE MVO applicants must take exam 230.
PSE TTO applicants must take exam 240.
PSE MVO/TTO applicants must take exam 238.

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