PSE Post Office Clerk

Test required: Postal Exam 473 / 473E

PSE Post Office Clerks perform a variety of supervisory, window, box, general delivery, rural route, highway contract route, or city delivery services to support a small community when the Postmaster is on leave or not available. They operate small, single unit postal facilities and may supervise a small group of carriers and/or clerks in the performance of distribution, delivery, and window services.

Individual PSE Post Office Clerk job postings on the Postal Service website include information on hours, wages, and possible benefits which can vary by location.

A PSE Post Office Clerk job is your route to a career position. PSE and Assistant jobs are late breaking news. Some of these newly created jobs were introduced only months ago. Other websites without details on PSE and Assistant jobs may be giving you outdated info. Our PSE and Assistant job page gives full up-to-date details including the fact that most career positions are filled by promoting PSE’s and Assistants.

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