What is on Postal Exam 473/473E?

Post Office Exam 473 / 473E consists of five sections broken down into two sessions. The first session is self-administered meaning that you take it on your own without supervision. This session includes only one section, the Personal Characteristics & Experience Inventory Section. The second session includes the remaining four sections and is taken on a later date at a supervised testing site. All questions are multiple choice. Each section is timed, and the speed demanded on most sections is inhuman.

The good news about Postal exam 473/473E is that it is used to fill over 90% of all US Postal Service jobs. The bad news is twofold. (1) According to the Postal Service, it carries an 80-90% failure rate. (2) You must have one of the top three scores for any chance at a USPS job. Only the top three applicants invited for employment interviews.

The five sections of Postal Exam 473/473E follow, and each section title is a link to a blog with details about that section. Trying to describe the content of all sections in a single blog would result in an overwhelmingly long posting. Also given are links to our Exam 473/473E online resources and our “What is on the Exam” and “How to Apply” videos.

Personal Characteristics & Experience Inventory Section

Address Checking Section

Forms Completion Section

Coding Section

Memory Section

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