What is on the Address Checking Section of Postal Exam 473/473E?

The Address Checking section of Postal Exam 473/473E has 60 questions to be answered in 11 minutes. Each question consists of two addresses that are supposed to be exactly alike but may have differences/errors. You are to compare the addresses and answer “A” if they are exactly alike, “B” if there is a difference is in the address only, “C” if there is a difference in the ZIP code only, or “D” if there are differences in both the address and the ZIP code. This may not sound too challenging, but the speed demanded is inhuman. You have only 1 to 2 seconds per element to make exacting and detailed comparisons. Mistakes are almost guaranteed when working at such a pace. Here is a sample question.

There are three address elements to compare, two address lines/elements and one ZIP code element. Examining and comparing these elements individually and very closely, we discover there are two differences in the address elements and one difference in the ZIP code element as highlighted below. The correct answer would be “D” because there are differences in both the address and the ZIP code.

Again, this may not seem terribly challenging when looking at only one question and taking your time, but making such minute comparisons when racing through a timed test at 90 miles an hour is not so easy. Success calls for unique strategies developed specifically for this particular exam section and for extensive and realistic practice to master the skills and speed demanded. And that is exactly what is provided in our Complete Postal Exam 473/473E Interactive eGuide. Take a look at the reviews posted by our customers to see what they have to say about our guide.

Post Office exam 473/473E consists of the following five sections. Each section title is a link to a blog with details about that section. Also given are links to our Exam 473/473E online resources and our “What is on the Exam” and How to Apply” videos.

Personal Characteristics & Experience Inventory Section

Address Checking Section

Forms Completion Section

Coding Section

Memory Section

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