What is on the Coding Section of Postal Exam 473/473E?

In the Coding Section of Postal Exam 473/473E you have 6 minutes to answer 36 questions. A Coding Guide is displayed, each question is an address, and your answer is where the address fits within the Coding Guide. Since the Coding Guide is displayed while you are answering questions, this is basically an open book test. Here is a sample question.

Sample Question: 1100 Eldridge St

The sample question is simply an address: 1100 Eldridge St. The Coding Guide has 3 delivery routes – A, B, and C – and it lists specific address ranges for those delivery routes. Your answer is which delivery route – A, B, or C – covers the address in the question or D if the address in the question does not appear in any of those delivery routes.

So, we look for Eldridge St in the Coding Guide. It does not appear in Delivery Routes A or B. Eldridge St does appear in Delivery Route C. But the address range for Eldridge St in Delivery Route C is 7300 to 9300, and our address of 1100 Eldridge St does not fall within that range. So the correct answer would be “D” because the address does not fall in one of the address ranges listed for Delivery Routes A, B, or C.

Post Office exam 473/473E consists of the following five sections. Each section title is a link to a blog with details about that section. Also given are links to our Exam 473/473E online resources and our “What is on the Exam” and “How to Apply” videos.

Personal Characteristics & Experience Inventory Section

Address Checking Section

Forms Completion Section

Coding Section

Memory Section

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