What is on the Memory Section of Postal Exam 473/473E?

The Memory Section of Postal Exam 473/473E consists of 36 questions to be answered in 7 minutes. You are first shown a Coding Guide that must be memorized in only a few minutes. The Coding Guide is not displayed during the test. You must answer questions from memory. Each question is an address, and your answer is where the address fits within the Coding Guide. The Memory section is virtually identical to the Coding Section except you must memorize the Coding Guide and answer questions from memory. Here is a sample question.

Sample Question: 100 Alpine Way

The address in our sample question is 100 Alpine Way. Having memorized the Coding Guide, we visualize it in our mind and see that Alpine Way appears in both Delivery Routes A and B. Does 100 Alpine Way fit within either of the Alpine Way address ranges in Delivery Routes A or B? Yes, it fits within the range of 1 – 299 in Delivery Route A. So the correct answer is A.

The huge problem here is that we cannot look back at the Coding Guide to select an answer. Having memorized the Coding Guide, we are supposed to select an answer from memory by visualizing the Coding Guide in our mind. I know this sounds impossible, and for most people is it indeed impossible. This section is one of the biggest reasons people fail the exam.

Success calls for two things. First, unique memorization strategies developed specifically for this exam. Second, extensive and realistic practice to master these strategies so that they become second nature for you. The unique and copyrighted memory strategies are one of the best features of our Complete Postal Exam 473/473E Interactive eGuide. Take a look at the reviews posted by our customers to see what they have to say about our memory strategies.

Post Office exam 473/473E consists of the following five sections. Each section title is a link to a blog with details about that section. Also given are links to our Exam 473/473E online resources and our “What is on the Exam” and “How to Apply” videos.

Personal Characteristics & Experience Inventory Section

Address Checking Section

Forms Completion Section

Coding Section

Memory Section

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