What is the difference between Post Office exams 473 and 473E?


The Postal Service launched its new Virtual Entry Assessment hiring and testing program in April 2019. That is also when they retired exam 473 and replaced it with four new tests – exams 474, 475, 476 & 477 – that are now used to fill over 90% of all entry level jobs.

And that is when we published our new USPS Virtual Entry Assessment Test Prep Guide for exams 474, 475, 476 & 477. That is also when we published our new online guide Shortcuts to Your Post Office Job to provide updated details on Postal job search and application revisions.

As usual, we were the first to publish materials for the new Virtual Entry Assessment program and for the new exams. Also as usual, we assure that you have access to the absolute latest info by constantly monitoring their hiring & testing processes and continuously updating our products.

Post Office exam 473 no longer exists. It was replaced by Postal exam 473E in 2008. These almost duplicate test names cause much confusion, and there is a great deal of obsolete exam info still in circulation.

Post Office exam 473 was a pencil & paper test. It was replaced by exam 473E, an online electronic test, in 2008. The “E” stands for electronic. Exam 473E is used to fill over 95% of all entry level USPS jobs – all customer service, mail processing, and mail delivery positions.

Many people, including Postal authorities, cause confusion by continuing to use the name 473. Applicants are often convinced they are to take the 473 when in fact they will take the 473E, so we refer to the test as Postal exam 473/473E to avoid confusing them further.

There is something called “Publication 60-A Test 473 Orientation Guide for Major Entry Level Jobs” on the Postal website that supposedly shares basic exam info with applicants. The problem is that it shows a publish date of November 2004, which proves it is out-of-date, and the only thing it describes is retired exam 473. The publication says nothing about current exam 473E. In fact, there is no real info about exam 473E anywhere on the Postal website.

Obsolete Post Office exam info is found all across the web and in virtually every library and bookstore nationwide. Most books and websites are all about old pencil & paper test 473. There are a few books that claim to prepare you for exam 473E, but that’s simply not possible.

Realistic practice is an absolute necessity for mastering the inhuman speed and strange skills demanded on Postal exam 473E. The only way to practice realistically is with interactive online practice tests formatted exactly like the real thing. A printed book can never do that for you. Electronic practice tests with obsolete content and/or formatting are just as bad.

Effective test preparation is essential. According to the Postal Service, exam 473E carries an 80-90% failure rate, and you must have one of the top 3 scores to be invited to an interview. With the odds against you that high, you want … you need … the best and most up-to-date Postal test prep materials available. That’s where we come in.

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