How to Really Get Postal Jobs

They changed it all … the application system … the exams … the testing process … it’s all new!

The world of Postal jobs and exams has been turned upside-down. They rewrote their entire hiring and testing program from the ground up. Almost all the exams were revised. Start all over again with this book.

This essential 352 page guide offers full info on the new application system and all jobs. It explains where to find job postings and how to apply. Included are shortcuts for getting the glitchy new online job search to really work for you.

The best feature of the new application system is that you can apply and take exams anytime you want. No more waiting for test dates! Full details and sample questions for all the new tests are provided in the book.

Perhaps best of all, this guide shows you how to get jobs in any economy. The Postal Service processes and delivers mail to 150 million addresses daily. They always need motivated workers whether the economy is up or down.

Interview tips – Online updates – You name it – It’s all here in one convenient economical package!………………………………………ISBN 978-0-940182-29-5

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About the Author
National booksellers rank T. W. Parnell the #1 bestselling Postal job and exam author. His guides are praised for the most up-to-date information, for the most realistic sample test questions, and … most important of all … for helping his customers really get the job!

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