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For your convenience, below are answers for the most commonly asked Postal job and exam questions. Please email us at info [at] pathfinderdc [dot] com if you have questions that do not seem to be answered on our website, with any comments, or if we may be of assistance in any way.

How do I apply for Postal jobs and exams?

The Postal Service recently revised its entire hiring and testing program. There’s no such thing as test dates anymore. You can now apply for jobs and take exams virtually anytime you want. And everything is now done online. You search for jobs online, apply online, and even take exams online. However, in addition to being extremely complicated and challenging, the new online processes are loaded with programming glitches and chronic posting errors. Our How to Apply page contains full details on the new application process.

How many and what kinds of jobs are available?

Every time they need fill a job anywhere in the U.S., it is posted on their website. And when that job is filled, it is pulled down. On any given day there are generally 3,000 to 4,000 open jobs posted on the Postal Service website for locations all across the country. But the actual number varies from minute to minute. While you were reading this paragraph, for instance, they may have posted several new job openings and pulled down some that were just filled. There are 46 different types of entry-level jobs available with the Postal Service. Everyone who ever worked for the Postal Service started in one of these entry-level jobs and worked their way up from there. Visit our Postal Jobs page for a complete list of these job titles with brief descriptions. While on this page, you can click on any job title for complete info on that position including the full job description, wages, benefits, exam requirements, etc.

What exam do I need to take?

There are now eight different exams used to fill different types of jobs. All the new exams are electronic, and the bad news is that they all carry horrific failure rates. See our Postal Exams page for a list of all these exams with brief descriptions. While on this page, you can click on any exam title for complete info on that test. However, exams 474, 475, 476 & 477 are the tests virtually everyone takes. You will almost certainly take one of these tests. These exams are used to fill over 95% of all Postal jobs … all the normal jobs … the front counter clerk job plus all jobs that have anything to do with handling mail, sorting mail, and delivering mail. The other tests are used to fill technical and transportation positions. See our Postal Jobs page for details on exam requirements for all entry level jobs.

Which Postal job or exam guide do I need?

Pathfinder is the exclusive publisher for T. W. Parnell, nationally ranked the #1 bestselling Postal job/exam author. Check out the reviews for his guides to see why. When the Postal Service revised its hiring and testing program, we pulled all our old materials off the market and published the below updated guides to assure your success.

Hacks & Shortcuts to Your Post Office Job is specifically designed to guide you through the new online job search and application process. Due to programming glitches, chronic posting errors, and typical federal bureaucracy, the new process is a nightmare. See our How to Apply page for details.

USPS Practice Tests with Actual Postal Exam Questions & Proven Best Answers is our online electronic study guide for new exams 474, 475, 476 & 477.

Since the Postal Service recently revised its entire hiring and testing program, how can I be sure to get an up-to-date guide?

This is a very valid concern because using an obsolete guide will lead to sure failure, and the vast majority of all guides now on the market are obsolete. Our guides are 100% up-to-date. When the Postal Service revised its hiring and testing program, we pulled our old materials off the market and published all new guides. If you have any guide other than our newly published titles, see our Obsolete Postal Job & Exam Guide Consumer Alert that includes a check list for identifying obsolete guides.

I’ve heard that you must be careful to avoid Postal job and exam related scams. Is this true?

Yes, this is very true. Sadly, many websites and advertisements are nothing more than scams where job seekers are convinced to part with $100 or more … sometimes over $500 … by false claims and guarantees. See our Fraudulent Postal Job & Exam Services Consumer Alert for tips on identifying and avoiding these scammers. Also included in this alert is advice for getting your money back and for submitting formal complaints with various consumer protection agencies if you have been ripped off.

What employment requirements do I have to meet?

One of the great things about Postal jobs is the employment requirements. Almost anyone can meet them. All applicants must meet the same requirements regardless of the type of job. See our Employment Requirements page for details.

I’m a military veteran. Do I get any special benefits?

Military veterans who meet particular qualifications may be eligible for special benefits. See our Military Veterans page page for details.