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Post Office Jobs & Postal Exams

New USPS Virtual Entry Assessment Exams
Four new tests – Postal Exams 474, 475, 476, & 477,- were launched in April 2019 to replace retired exam 473. These tests fill over 90% of all Post Office jobs.

Fully Up-To-Date Postal Job & Exam Guides
If you are serious about getting a Post Office job, you need the best and most up-to-date guides available to assure success – you need Pathfinder!

Hiring & Testing Revisions

The USPS is still transitioning into their new Virtual Entry Assessment program that was implemented in April 2019. Changes to the hiring & testing process continue. We are monitoring the process and regularly updating our guides to assure your success. Beware of obsolete materials. Every Postal job/exam guide then on the market became out-of-date when exam 473 was retired.

Your Personal Guides to Success

Your success is our one and only goal. Our bestselling guides will lead you step-by-step through the glitch ridden job search & application process, prepare you to excel on their baffling new exams, and provide the inside tips needed to ace their unusual employment interview. Click here for details on the tremendous advantages these guides give you over other applicants.

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