Postal Exam 916

Exam 916 is used to fill custodial jobs. Postal policy states that this exam is restricted to preference eligible military veterans. But it is occasionally offered to the general public and is open to non-veterans as well on those occasions.

Exam 916 consists of four sections as detailed below:

Vocabulary & Reading
This section tests your ability to read and understand written materials such as product label instructions and warnings, material safety data sheets, equipment operating instructions, and cleaning route sheets.

Basic Safety
This section tests your knowledge of basic safety principles and practices such as proper lifting techniques, personal protective equipment, and awareness of electrical, chemical, and other health hazards in the area of cleaning and building maintenance.

General Cleaning
This section tests your knowledge of general cleaning and disinfecting materials, techniques, equipment, and tools commonly used by custodians.

Following Written Instructions
This section tests your ability to understand instructions similar to those you might receive on the job.

We do not publish a study guide for exam 916, and we have no personal knowledge of study guides available from other sources. There are two reasons we don’t have a guide, and this is likely true for other publishers as well…

  1. Many people feel that this is a common sense test that you cannot really prepare for in a traditional fashion.
  2. Openings for custodial jobs are posted so rarely that there is virtually no demand for a 916 guide.

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