Postal Exam 955

Postal exam 955 is used to fill technical maintenance jobs such as Building Equipment Mechanic, Maintenance Mechanic, Electronic Technician, Area Maintenance Technician, and Mail Processing Equipment Maintenance Mechanic. Exam 955 is broken down into two sessions as detailed below.

Session 1 is a self-administered Personal Characteristics & Experience Inventory test. There are 120 questions to be answered in 75 minutes. This part of the exam builds a profile of your personality and is used to identify the best potential employees. They score this part of the exam, but they will not release any information about the scoring formula

Session 2 is the purely technical portion of the exam. It is an online electronic test as well, but it taken at a testing site in a strictly supervised environment. Session 2 consists of two sections as briefly described below. See our Postal Exam 955 Detail page for much more detailed info on these two technical sections.

  • The Multicraft section consists of 60 multiple choice questions to be answered in 60 minutes. This is the true technical part of the test. The Postal Service says that this section tests your mechanical and electrical skills, but in reality it covers an unbelievably broad spectrum of technical topics…21 technical fields broken down into 131 different topics. And we’re not just talking practical knowledge; it delves deeply into the theories and scientific formulas involved.
  • The Spatial Relations section tests your ability to visualize how parts and pieces come together to form the “big picture”…to visualize the end product represented by drawing or schematic…to visualize the assembly of a piece of equipment using illustrated instructions…etc. The Spatial Relations section is broken down into two segments – Matching Parts & Figures and Spatial Visualization.
    • In the Matching Parts & Figures segment, you are to visualize what shape would result from fitting two or more 2D flat pieces together. For answer choices, you are given drawings of four larger shapes, each consisting of multiple pieces. Your job is to figure out which of these four options shows how the original two or more 2D flat pieces can be fitted together without gaps or overlapping.
    • In the Spatial Visualization segment, each question gives you the top, front, and right side views of an object. Then you are given four figures, one of which is the object represented by the original three views. You are to choose which of the four objects is indeed the one represented by the original three views.

We do not publish a study guide for exam 955. Our research indicates that publishing a study guide for exam 955 would be quite challenging. We interviewed experts in many of the technical fields covered on this test, and these experts unanimously agreed that it would be difficult, if not impossible, to publish a guide for exam 955 and/or for an applicant to prepare for exam 955.

The problem is that the exam covers so very many technical topics. A guide that adequately covers that many technical subjects would be thousands of pages long, and it’s simply not possible to publish a study guide of that monstrous size. And, it’s not possible for an applicant to bone up on that many different topics. If an applicant already has a strong background in most of these areas and only needs to brush up on a few topics, that may be possible. But if the applicant does not already have an extensive background in most or all these areas…if the applicant needs to bone up on a number of these different topics…that’s virtually impossible.

There are some exam 955 study guides sold on the web, but we do not publish a guide for exam 955, and we cannot offer opinions on those that are available.

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