USPS Virtual Entry Assessment Test Prep Guide - Postal Exams 474, 475, 476 & 477 - 2023 Edition

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Recommended answers proven to make the score & get the job
Four complete, ultra-realistic, interactive practice tests
Actual questions from the real exams
Free live support

The recommended answers in this guide assure your highest possible score. The author has used these answers to ace exams 474, 475, 476 & 477 multiple times, and applicants often do the same.

The guide explains in detail how to handle every section of all four exams and gives you specific answer advice for every question.

Based upon your answers, the scoring software builds a profile of you and compares it to their theoretical profile for an ideal employee. Your score is a measure of how well you match their ideal profile. The recommended answers in this guide are proven to match their theoretical profile.

Included are four complete, ultra-realistic, and interactive practice tests. The practice test questions are the actual questions from the real exams slightly reworded to avoid violation of copyright law.

You have unlimited access to the guide. Use it as long and as many times as you like. And it comes with FREE LIVE SUPPORT via email.

Our USPS Fast Track Hiring Guide, a $19.95 retail value, is provided FREE to customers who submit a review for the USPS Virtual Entry Assessment Test Prep Guide after taking the exam. The USPS Fast Track Hiring Guide explains exactly what happens after the exam, how their new Fast Track Hiring process works, what kind of score you need to get a job, how you can get a job even without the highest score, and more. Simply email your review to info [at] pathfinderdc [dot] com, and a link for the USPS Fast Track Hiring Guide will be sent to you.

Together, our three guides – Shortcuts to Your Post Office Job, USPS Virtual Entry Assessment Test Prep Guide, and USPS Interview Questions & Answers – assure you a Postal career via a successful job search, the highest possible score, and a favorable interview rating. And you can save $20 by purchasing them together in our Complete Postal Job, Exam & Interview Prep Course. Click here for details.


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