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What are people saying about our guides? Here are a few comments received from Postal authorities, professional educators, and real people who have used our products.

Your guide helped me to score 100 on exam 474. I couldn’t have done it without your guide. It is just like the actual test. I highly recommend your guide to those who want a career with USPS.

- S.P., 11/15/21

I got the job! After reviewing your guide a few times, I took the actual test and received a 98. I would definitely recommend purchasing this test prep material! It is exactly like the test only worded a little different.

- H.K., 11/1/21

I was able to prepare myself and take the exam with success! The realistic practice tests were what really prepared me to take Exam 474. Well worth the money! Thank You!

- M.V., 10/24/21

This guide is an excellent tool to get ready for the USPS test. It is virtually the same as the actual test which helped me get a good score. Everything is going well for me getting a job! The USPS has already started a background check on me.

- J.G., 10/16/21

I made a 100 on exam 477. The study guide is exactly what you will find on the real test. Some questions in the guide are worded differently but are basically the same as the real thing. The study guide is well worth the money. This is not a scam.

- M.B., 10/5/21

The interactive practice tests are almost exactly the same as the real exam. This familiarity is key to making the highest score possible.

- M.M., 9/30/21

Without this material I would have been very unprepared for the exam’s strange format. The guide showed me exactly what to expect, and the sample questions aligned well with the actual exam.

- J.S., 9/13/21

I got the job. Everything is going well. I’m truly pleased with my schedule & the Postal Facility. Thank you so very much for all of your assistance & vital info.

- D.S., 9/8/21

I scored a 100 and got a job! English is my 4th language. I followed carefully on the advice and spent enough time for practice, and I managed to answer all the USPS challenging questions. Thank you for providing the shortcuts material guide.

- V.N., 8/23/21

I got the job! Just received the job offer. My score went from 74 to 98 after using your guide and it helped me get the job.

- K.H., 8/3/21

I took exam 474 prior to purchasing your guide and was very disappointed with a score of 74. Then I took exam 476, but this time I prepared with your guide. The results speak for themselves: I scored a 98! Reviewing the questions beforehand, which were remarkably similar to the actual questions, was so beneficial! I was able to develop a plan for answering the questions appropriately and consistently and felt much less anxious than I had previously experienced.

- K.H., 7/22/21

Your guides helped me attain a score of 97. Opened my computer this morning and found a job offer to work at the Post Office 10 minutes away from my house.

- P.S., 7/16/21

The USPS Virtual Entry Assessment Test Prep Guide is a FANTASTIC pre-exam tool. An answer to prayer and a great score!!! I highly recommend for all.

- J.G., 7/4/21

This is the ONLY guide to choose if you want to get a Postal Service job! I was aware of every question on the USPS test 477, breezed through it, and was contacted immediately for a job. I looked at many other test prep guides before I chose Pathfinder, and most of them are not up-to-date. I had downloaded some old and harmful information to my computer before I found Pathfinder.

- S.M., 6/24/21

I simply followed the suggestions in your guide and scored a 97 on exam 477. Honestly, without your study guides, I don’t know how anyone can pass these exams!!

- B.G., 6/9/21

I got the job! I already gave a review saying your guide is worth every penny and it enabled me to score a 98. I wanted to follow up to say that I did get the job thanks to your guide.

- M.T., 6/3/21

Your USPS Virtual Entry Assessment Test Prep Guide practice exams were spot-on and definitely worth their weight in gold! I scored a 99 on the VEA 476. Thank you for your help.

- G.L., 5/17/21

The guide is beyond helpful in preparing for the assessment. It simulates the exact format. I am now in the top percentile. For such a small investment, the payout is extremely significant. Since the actual exam is evaluated in accordance to USPS values as opposed to a matter of correctness, studying is more of a matter of how to prepare rather than what to prepare. Preparing for the assessment can seem futile if you don’t know how to study. I would recommend this guide for anyone interested in a future with USPS.

- J.C., 5/5/21

With the interactive practice tests I knew exactly what was on every part of the exam. It really helped me to feel relaxed and confident when taking the test. I got a top score and am very happy.

- L.G., 4/20/21

I was able to prepare myself and take the exam in a short matter of time with success! The realistic practice tests were what really prepared me, quickly, to take the Exam 474.

- D.T., 4/12/21

The guide explains the entire test step-by-step. It is a really good investment for life. I highly recommend it.

- J.M., 4/11/21

I loved this! The practice tests are super important because they prepare you mentally and emotionally to take such a strange and stressful exam.

- L.R., 3/31/21

If you’re looking for a career with the USPS, you MUST purchase these materials first! This guide is worth its weight in gold! The practice test was almost 100% identical to the actual USPS assessment. The guide prepares you for the “trickiness” and complexity of how the test is laid out. It gave me confidence and eliminated my anxiety. I scored a 92 and was told by a Postal manager that’s a great score.

- A.S., 3/10/21

I scored 100 on exam 476! The best way to study for the strange hypothetical questions is to review the realistic questions in their practice tests to become familiar with the nuances. I really appreciated the info that you can take your time on the exam even though USPS instructions say to work quickly. This helped me to think more clearly when answering the hypothetical questions. I had a couple questions when studying, emailed them for help, and received a comprehensive response within 90 minutes. This, by the way, occurred during the height of the snow storm that impacted the whole state of Texas where this company is located. When replying they apologized for what they thought was a less than professional response via cell phone because they had no power, no internet service, and erratic cell service at that time. I appreciate the excellent customer service.

- M.M., 3/3/21

I would definitely recommend this study guide. The interactive practice tests are just like taking the real exam, and the practice test questions are almost exactly the same as on the real exam.

- A.R., 1/18/21

I prepared with this guide for just 2 days and passed the test with a 96 on VEA 477. The questions on the test were just the same as in the study guide. It really helped. Thanks very much!!

- L.P., 11/18/20

I scored a “100” on the 476 assessment. Thank you so much for the great preparation & tips thru your amazing study guide.

- D.S., 8/25/20

I aced the 476 and 474 assessments. I’m very glad I purchased the study guide because it really helped with my test anxiety.

- C.P., 8/12/20

Without this guide, the strange questions would have left me confused and stressed, and I would not have done nearly as well. Knowing exactly what to expect took the pressure off me.

- A.W., 8/9/20

I assumed the test would be easy, so I wasn’t sure about spending money for a study guide. But I am so glad that I did. This prep is a must. I would have never been prepared without it.

- L.B., 7/29/20

I had no idea what the test entailed, and understanding the test is the biggest part of taking an exam. With this guide, I knew exactly what to expect. I highly recommend that anyone taking the exam for the first time should prepare with this material.

- J.H., 7/13/20

Knowing what to expect and how the questions work gave me at least a 10-point advantage. I cannot stress enough the value of these materials as the Postal exam is very psychological. The questions were exactly as described in the test material.

- D.W., 7/11/20

It has everything you need to pass the test and makes it easy.

- A.A., 7/10/20

My first Spanish language. English is second. Certain words on the test are problem but with study system I could look in the dictionary for meaning and be ready for exam and scored very good.

- A.T., 7/7/20

Worth every penny! I never would have scored in the 90’s without practicing first. The questioning was at times tricky, but I flew through it with confidence after taking this course.

- S.T., 6/30/20

I took the CS 477 exam and scored 98%. Your product is very accurate, reliable and genuine. My money and effort did not go in vain. I am so excited to start my new USPS career.

- J.A., 6/27/20

This material prepared me very well and let me know what to expect and helped so much. I made a 94 on the exam. Thank you!

- T.S., 6/8/20

I took my VEA exam and scored 94%. Your prep was very helpful in all parts of the exam, and I was more confident when taking the exam. And yes, I recommend this test prep guide.

- S.K., 6/5/20

I got a Mail Processing Clerk job! Your test prep guide enabled me to score 95 on exam 476, and I just received the job offer. Thank you so much for everything!

- D.A., 6/2/20

Even with only one day to study, I made a great score on the 474 Postal Assessment Test. I could not have done it without your test prep guide.

- R. F., 6/1/20

I got the job! Your guide prepared me well for the exam. The question samples are explicit. What I loved most is the explanations of what they expect from you in each section.

- N.M., 5/5/20

My sincere thanks for your wonderful guide. I had to take the test and was clueless about the types of questions that would be asked. After purchasing your guide, I scored 99/100.

- W.C., 4/30/20

This prep package helped me to prepare and make a great score. It prepares you for the type of unusual questions on the USPS exam. I highly recommend!

- C.A., 4/30/20

I am now eligible for a job. I was worried and stressed before ordering the Prep Guide. After studying the guide, I was calm and knew exactly what I was going to go through.

- B.C., 4/30/20

I got 5 job offers and accepted the one best suited for me. Your practice questions were right on for exam 474. I appreciate you putting together the study guide for this exam.

- E.K., 4/27/20

I scored much higher than I expected. The exam is exactly like the Test Guide. I wouldn’t have passed without the guide. I highly recommend it to anyone planning to take the exam.

- J.J., 4/18/20

Thank you for putting together the prep course, it was worth every penny! I scored a 94, and I’m not so sure I would have even passed without it.

- K.B., 4/16/20

I just completed the exam and your study material was spot on. Thanks for all your help.

- E.K., 4/12/20

Breezed through the VEA 477 and scored 100! The guide was very helpful! It takes the stress out of the exam if you know what to expect. Was able to carefully consider my responses beforehand.

- K.K., 4/6/20

The test preparation guide was excellent. It definitely helped me to be ready for the strange questions that were asked. I highly recommend it for anyone seeking a USPS career.

- E.M, 3/29/20

I scored 98 on exam 477. I would not have done nearly as well without this guide. It is almost exactly like the real exam, and it is worth every penny! It will give you the confidence to know what questions will be asked and give you the needed practice to know how you will answer each section.

- M.T., 3/28/20

I got a score of 99 on exam 476 and have received opportunities for jobs. This guide gave me a real path for my success.

- B.D., 3/26/20

Thanks to your guide, I scored a 97! Bravo! I have always wanted to get a USPS job, but I failed the test each of the 3 times I previously applied. This time will be different thanks to you.

- N.L., 3/12/20

I got the job and got it quick. Your test prep guide was a valuable aid in securing this job. The actual test questions and the way they were presented were very similar to your guide.

- R.M., 3/7/20

I’ve received several job offers but am waiting for one closer to home. I already gave a review saying how I scored 100 thanks to your guide but wanted to update it to tell about my job offers.

- S.P., 3/5/20

I made 100. The guide was so helpful. I am so happy. I can’t thank you enough. Unbelievable! I recommend this to anybody who wants to take the test.

- R.D., 3/2/20

Your pre-test guide helped me to clearly understand the questions and the answer structure of the test. Your practice test questions are similar to the real exam. I easily passed exam 476.

- D.P., 2/25/20

The Complete Postal Job, Exam & interview Prep Course is essential for success. I found and applied for an open job, felt very comfortable taking the MC 474 exam, and passed with a great score.

- K.F., 2/13/20

I got the job! The guide helped me get a top score. If you are wondering if it is worth the money, stop wondering and do it. You won’t regret it, especially when you get the job offer.

- D.A., 2/5/20

I did well on exams 474 and 477. The guide is very similar to the actual tests. The prep is good in that it prepares you for something different, and these exams are unlike any exam I have ever taken.

- C.C., 2/3/20

I took the real 474 assessment. The questions were nearly identical to your practice tests. I have always had test anxiety which reduces my performance, but I did not this time.

- M.M., 1/31/20

This was a great way to prep for my 474 test. Everything you said was true and up to date. Being prepared made a difference. I am pleased with my score and now “Eligible” for the job I applied for.

- K.M., 1/24/20

Thank you so much for creating an exam guide that really gets results. The test prep guide was closely related to everything that appeared on the actual exam and it was a relief. Money well spent.

- B.M., 1/4/20

I used your 477 guide and received a 99 out of 100. It works and is great!

- M.R., 12/1/19

Your exam prep material was exactly what was on the actual online assessment. It helped immensely. I got a 92%!

- D.M., 11/11/19

I found your test review to be very accurate, and it did prepare me for the very abstract questions that were on the test.

- K.F., 11/11/19

The test prep guide was almost identical to the actual 474 assessment. I’m glad to say it was very helpful in preparing me and it led me to pass the real exam!

- B.D., 11/10/19

Postal exam 474 is not a normal test. You need the USPS Virtual Entry Assessment Test Prep Guide to help you understand it. With this guide I was able to handle the test very well.

- J.F., 11/2/19

If you are serious about a Postal job, you must prepare for the process. That is exactly what the guides on this site do for you. And YES, they are up-to-date with the new tests.

- G.S., 10/30/19

With the help of the USPS Virtual Entry Assessment Test Prep Guide I was able to score a 98/100 on Postal exam 474. I highly suggest using this guide and answering the questions honestly.

- C.S., 10/30/19

I scored a 100 on my test! The guide was spot on and most of the questions mirrored those on my test. I always get anxious and nervous when taking exams. The guide took all that away. I am so glad that I purchased this test prep guide.

- M.M., 10/28/19

I cannot imagine taking the exam without this guide. It familiarizes you with the exam interface, enabling you to move through the exam with confidence, saving time and calming nerves.

- D.G., 10/16/19

Don’t hesitate to get this guide!!! It is legit. The questions are paraphrased exactly like the ones on the real test! I was able to pass the test with a high score, 94 to be exact.

- M.K., 10/12/19

I received a job offer. I honestly know your prep guide had a lot to do with my success. It prepared me for what to expect on the actual test. Your material was much needed and helpful.

- A.M., 10/11/19

I’m waiting on my interview now. This is an extremely helpful study review. The questions were very similar in content and structure to the actual assessment.

- B.B., 10/11/19

These materials are a must have tool for preparing for a USPS career. They give you a real competitive edge. The practice exams assure you are not overwhelmed by the tricky questions.

- T.F., 10/7/19

The practice exam prepares you to reason out why to pick one response over another when answering the abstract questions. This certainly puts the test taker at ease for the real exam. The interview and job search guides are “icing on the cake”.

- R.L., 10/3/19

Your guide showed me what to expect, eliminated my test anxiety, and gave me the confidence to do well on the exam. I received a 94 and owe this to your prep guide. I was very pleased.

- A.V., 10/1/19

I always had problems with the previous Postal tests and with tests in general. I felt confident going into this test and passed with a great score thanks to your USPS test prep guide. It has the actual questions that I was asked to answer on the real test.

- T.K., 9/27/19

The guide is worth every penny. If you are serious about a USPS job, you will do right buying this guide. I scored 96 on the MP476. It couldn’t be possible without your guide. Most the questions were same on the test. Now I am waiting to be interviewed!

- A.P., 9/26/19

I received a 95 and expect to get an interview. This is an extremely helpful study review. The questions were very similar in content and structure to the actual assessment.

- T.R., 9/25/19

I was able to finish the assessment very quick and scored a 99. I highly recommend buying this test prep guide before taking the exam. It eased my nerves and helped me to better understand what to look forward to on the assessment.

- A.M., 9/18/19

After much thought and research, I decided to invest in your guide. Boy did it pay off! I scored a 95%. The practice test questions were almost identical to the actual postal exam. Having insight on how the exam is structured was invaluable.

- C.L. 9/17/19

I was skeptical before ordering, but the whole test went easy thanks to the guide. I got a really high score, and I’m glad I bought it. Many real questions were in the guide, so I was prepared.

- V.H., 9/8/19

I got almost perfect on my actual exam! I’m so thankful for using your test prep guide in my preparation for the actual test. I found it very helpful and effective. I highly recommend it for all those who are aspiring to work with the USPS like me.

- F.D., 9/7/19

The guide book helped me score high on my 476 exam. It was especially helpful for the Work Scenario questions. It is well worth the money. Don’t think twice about buying this material.

- S.V., 9/7/19

I aced the interview and got the job! My interview was exactly the same as your checklist. I was fully prepared and felt at ease during the whole interview thanks to your checklist!

- H.K., 9/5/19

The guide tells you exactly what to expect on the exam. It allows you to think about the questions and choose answers ahead of time alleviating uncertainty and unpleasant surprises.

- S.R., 9/1/19

I took the assessment and scored very well receiving a 97 out of 100. This prep course really prepared me. The questions in the guide were very helpful and specific to the actual test. I would recommend this pre-test to anyone who is unsure and wants to make sure that they are prepared.

- N.B., 8/27/19

I highly recommend the Complete Postal Job, Exam & Interview Prep Course if you are serious about a USPS job. The guide has actual exam questions so you can plan your answers in advance. The course also comes with spot-on KSA’s and shortcuts for applying for a position with the USPS.

- K.P., 8/26/19

I used the test prep guide and got a near perfect score on exam 476. Anyone looking for a USPS career should take advantage of this guide. Well worth the money for a long term career!

- J.M., 8/23/19

I have been invited to an interview. The guide is very similar to the actual exam. Yes, it costs money, but it is worth it. Once I get the job, I will make the cost back many times over.

- T.A., 8/21/19

I got a great grade and am moving to the next step in employment. I got the guide because, if you do not score well the first time, you must wait a year before taking the test again. The guide was a great help in explaining the test format how to handle the questions.

- S.W., 8/16/19

The guide is worth every penny. It prepares you for the type questions you face on the test. If you really want a job and are serious about it, you will do right by buying the guide.

- R.I., 8/12/19

The test prep guide is a GREAT resource. I felt prepared for the test and passed with a great score. Some of the questions were the same as on the test! I was able to see the format of the exam and get a feel for the type of questions.

- S.O., 8/11/19

This guide is the only info I could find anywhere for exam MC 474. It gave me what I needed to be ready, and I am happy with the result. It was my first ever time to take this test.

- J.K., 8/10/19

The guide basically has all the questions asked in the test. If you’re having doubts about passing the test, buy the guide. Sometimes you have spend money to make money.

- D.P., 8/8/19

He got the job! I purchased the guide for my brother-in-law who was looking for a career path. He made a great score on exam 474, aced the interview, and got the job. We are so excited!

- S.D., 8/6/19

The test prep guide is absolutely worth the purchase. Definitely a thumbs up!! I was able to practice the rhythm and style of the tests and get ready for the wacky questions they ask. I felt so prepared. I took two tests and scored over 90% on both which is absolutely critical if you want to even be considered.

- S.T., 8/2/19

Applying for a Postal job is stressful. I wasn’t sure what I was doing when I began my search. I was relieved to find the Shortcuts to Your Post Office guide to help with the application and hiring process.

- S.T., 8/2/19