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What are people saying about our guides? Here are a few comments received from Postal authorities, professional educators, and real people who have used our products.

My interview is next week. There are many study guides on the web, but none are even close to this one. You practice the exact way it will be on the real test. No surprises. Save your time with the free online exams and invest a few dollars to make sure you ace the test like I did. You get what you pay for.

- J.C., 10/7/17

I got the job! I credit your guide for helping me pass the test with flying colors and with only a few days to prepare. Your practice tests are for real, exactly like the real exam and better than the others I came across. For your memorization technique, all I can say is thank you. It was perfect.

- A.G., 9/30/17

This is the best practice test site, and their memorization advice really worked for me. I took the test 5 days ago and have a job interview tomorrow. At 55 years old I was really struggling with the memory section, but the memory tips in the tutorial really work. Their practice tests actually match the layout of the real test. When taking this test you need the least amount of distractions and surprises. Using practice tests on other sites that don’t resemble the real exam will cost you valuable seconds which makes a huge difference in your final score on this timed speed test. I tried numerous other sites. The practice tests on this site helped build my confidence, enabled me to score higher, and were well worth the very minimal fee they charge. I highly recommend this site if you are looking to beat your competition with a higher score.

- C.W., 4/5/17

I had no idea this test was so difficult! I passed the first time with a great score, but there’s no way I could have done it without this guide. The memory part is worst, but I had no problem after learning the strategies in this course. And the practice tests are very similar the real exam.

- J.P., 10/23/16

I took the exam yesterday, and you guys nailed it. There was no shock or surprise as to what to expect. Without your advice and pointers I would have totally bombed this test. Buying your guide was the best money I’ve spent in many years.

- C.H., 8/5/16

The practice exams are worth every penny, but it was your memory tips that really saved me. At 60 years old my memory isn’t what it used to be.

- B.L., 7/13/16

I’m starting my new postal career next week as a Rural Carrier Associate. I followed all of your advice, and I know there was no way I could have passed the test without your amazing guide.

I applied at five different Post Offices. I got two interviews with two job offers and accepted the one I really wanted. I turned down a third interview. I expect to hear from another two Post Offices and will have to turn down their interviews as well.

- B.S., 4/18/16

How to Really Get Postal Jobs is the one all-encompassing and 100% up-to-date career guide that every Postal job seeker must have.

Having recently retired as a U.S. Postal Service Manager of Employment and Training, I was responsible for hiring and testing. I was also responsible for rolling out the new eCareer application system in my district, and I am aware of the difficulties experienced when attempting to navigate this system. I can speak firsthand about the challenges faced by applicants and about the incredible advantages to be found in this book by bestselling author T. W. Parnell.

In preparation for this review, I researched Postal books in general and T. W. Parnell in particular. I discovered that Mr. Parnell is widely recognized as the foremost authority on Postal employment. An astonishing number of reviews are posted for him online, far more than for any other Postal author, and virtually all of them carry a five star rating. If you are serious about a Postal job, this is obviously the man who can successfully guide you through the process.

Why is this book so essential? The Postal Service just revamped its entire hiring and testing program. This is the only book I found to be truly 100% up-to-date with the new eCareer system. Since the application system and the exams were all revised, it is more important now than ever before to have a fully up-to-date guidebook.

The insightful step-by-step instructions for the complicated new application system are one of the greatest features. The chapter on interviews offers extraordinary advantages. (His explicit interview tips prove, by the way, that Mr. Parnell does indeed have access to inside information.) To assist in choosing the most advantageous career route, he included comprehensive job descriptions, wages, benefits, and employment requirements for all entry-level positions. And the exam section is outstanding. The encyclopedic information and remarkably realistic sample questions for all the new tests assure there will be no surprises when taking an exam. He even created an online resource associated with his book to ensure that readers are always abreast of any new developments.

This book provides exceptionally detailed and 100% up-to-date guidance for every step of the Postal employment process. It is presented in a simple and easy to understand fashion with an occasional dose of down-home humor to keep it lively. Bottom line: If you really want a Postal job, you really need this book!

- G. J. Jurewicz, former U.S. Postal Service Manager of Employment and Training

Your 473E guide is the best. The practice tests match the real exam right down to the color of the pages. I was offered two positions and accepted the one in my hometown.

- G.M., 10/29/15

Buying your online 473E guide was the best decision I could’ve made. Without your guide I wouldn’t have the happiness that comes from my great job and the best paychecks I’ve ever had. I took my exam with the confidence, skill, and knowledge needed to excel. Thanks for such a great guide!

- M.S., 8/10/15

You are light years ahead of the competition! The other authors still are selling outdated guides. I was most impressed by your detailed instructions for new application system. The new process is a nightmare, and an individual can make many mistakes. One mistake and they will toss your application aside and go to the next person. And without the tips you suggest, their job search will not show all the postings. Without your guide, applicants are basically doomed to failure.

- A.R., 5/8/15

I cannot thank you enough for your book How to Really Get Postal Jobs. I REALLY got the job!

As a matter of fact, because of your book, I had the problem of choosing which job offer to accept! That is a great problem to have! But the detailed job descriptions in your book REALLY helped me make the important decision of which job to take.

I cannot say enough about how much your interview tips and KSA info helped me prepare for my interviews. When trying to work with their confusing hiring system, the best thing of all was knowing that there REALLY is someone who knows what is going on, there REALLY is a place to go for help, and there REALLY is person behind the scenes who cares about your success! Their electronic application REALLY is overwhelming like it says in your book. And their online job search REALLY does not work, and it REALLY did not find all the jobs until I used your tips.

Your book literally changed my life. I have wanted to make a career change for many years, and with your help I was able to do so during one of the worst economic times in American history! WOW!

For those of you out there who are thinking about a job with the USPS, you REALLY need to buy this book. It WILL make a difference!

- A new Postal carrier in NC

The only books we use in our Postal employment classes and the only books we recommend are T. W. Parnell’s.

- R.H., Adult Ed Instructor, CA

I received an invite for employment orientation two days after taking the test! Your well written and complete 473E guide helped me succeed on the first try. I know many people who failed the test on their first and second tries. Your electronic practice exams are very similar to the real thing, and the study guide is an invaluable test prep aid.

- R. L., NY

Accept no imitation. This is the best Postal book. Thanks to Mr. Parnell, I’m now in the second month of my new career.

- W.F., NY

Your guide is amazing. I got hired within six weeks. I could not have gotten my job without your help.

- B.R., Postal Carrier