Post Office Jobs Available this Week

Each week we publish the total number of open Post Office jobs listed on the Postal Service website. This is a nationwide number that includes jobs posted for every state. This number accurately portrays the Postal Service’s incredible continuing demand for new employees.

The number of available Post Office jobs over the last several weeks is up 50-100% compared to recent counts. This is great … many more job opportunities. The increase may be due to in part the upcoming election and the anticipated level of voting by mail. It is probably prompted as well by the upcoming holiday business surge which will be up even more than normal due to substantial increases in online shopping.

See the below pages on our site for fully “up-to-date” details on how to successfully get one of these jobs and start your Postal career.

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Complete Postal Job, Exam & Interview Prep Course

We emphasized the term “up-to-date” above because the Postal Service recently revised their complete hiring and testing program. Sadly, most Postal job and exam guides now available are grossly obsolete. Using out-of-date material will lead to sure failure. See our Consumer Alert for details on identifying and avoiding obsolete info.