How do I apply for U.S. Postal Service jobs and exams?

Under the current system, you first find an open Post Office job posting and apply for it online. You are scheduled for the Postal exam as you apply for the job, and you take the exam online within three days. Everything is done online.

Following is a recap of the Post Office recruitment section’s hiring and testing process with links to online resources.

1. As explained on our How to Apply page, you must first find an open job posting on the USPS website. This sounds easy enough, but unfortunately their online job search function often does not work as intended due to technical issues and chronic posting errors.

2. Once you find a desired USPS job posting, you apply for that job online. Again this sounds easy enough, but as would be expected with a bureaucratic government agency, you will encounter conflicting instructions and confusing forms to fill out. And there is great confusion about cover letters and other attachments that may or may not be needed or appropriate for different jobs. Our Shortcuts to Your Post Office Job guide is a step-by-step guide for successfully navigating the challenging job search and the frustrating application process.

3. You are scheduled to take an online Post Office exam as you apply. The vast majority of Postal jobs are filled from new exams 474, 475, 476 & 477. Effective preparation is essential for these four new tests. It is imperative to achieve your best possible score the first time around because (1) the job is automatically offered to the applicant with the highest score and (2) if you do not score high enough to get the job, depending upon your particular score, you must wait either one year or two years to re-take the exam. Our bestselling USPS Virtual Entry Assessment Test Prep Guide provides the effective test preparation so critically needed. Included are six complete, ultrarealistic, and fully interactive practice tests along with comprehensive exam info.