How do I apply for Postal jobs and exams?

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Recent sweeping revisions changed everything about getting a Post Office job: the application system, the exams, everything. Nothing is the same.

There’s no such thing as Postal test dates anymore. You can apply for Post Office jobs and take exams anytime you want. And everything – the job search, the application, and even the exams – is now done online.

See the video at the bottom of this page for a narrated and illustrated description of the application process. Following is a written description.

Here’s a quick overview of the new three step process followed by details:

1. Every time a new employee is needed anywhere in the country, the local Postmaster posts that job online. There are always hundreds of open job postings on the Postal Service’s new eCareer system.

2. As you apply for a job online, they schedule you to take the exam within a few days. You can apply for as many jobs as you want, but you must submit a separate application for each. Your first problem is that hundreds, maybe even thousands, of others will apply for the very same jobs.

3. Your second problem is the exam score. Only the top three applicants are interviewed for each job. To have any chance at all, you literally must have one of the top three scores. And according to the Postal Service, their employment exams carry 80-90% failure rates. That’s why effective test preparation is an absolute necessity. Unfortunately, due to recent revisions, most Postal guides now on the market are terribly out-of-date. See our Consumer Alert for details.

So the competition is fierce, and getting one of the top scores is next to impossible without serious help. You would think these two obstacles are bad enough, but it gets even worse. The online job search and application process is a nightmare.

  • The new application system allows you to apply anytime, but it is horrible to use. It is an endless series of confusing electronic steps, forms, cover letters, attachments, and conflicting instructions that will take you hours to complete.
  • Properly completing the nightmarish online application is just as important as your exam score. If your application is not properly completed, it may get kicked out after submission. You will think that you applied, but in fact you did not because your application was rejected.
  • Worst of all, due to programming glitches and chronic posting errors, the new online job search function is a disaster. Finding and applying for jobs is virtually impossible unless you can get around these issues. Click here for a detailed explanation of these job search problems.

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Back to the question about how to apply. Now that you know about the obstacles, there are two options:

1. The best option is to click here to order your own copy of How to Really Get Postal Jobs. In addition to saving you untold hours of confusion and frustration, choosing this option gets you get the professional guidance needed to assure that your application is indeed 100% accurate and complete. Plus the book gives you the tips needed to get the job search function to really work for you.

2. The other option is to simply wish you luck and send you to the Postal Service website to try it on your own. However, as discussed above, the online job search function is the worst part of the new system. The search function is never going to really report all available jobs for you without the tips in How to Really Get Postal Jobs. And you cannot apply for a job, much less get it, if you never even know it is available.