How do I apply for Postal jobs and exams?

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To begin the new Postal hiring and testing process, go to their website, click the CAREERS link, and use the job search to find open jobs. Once you find a job posting you like, complete and submit their online application. You are scheduled to take an employment exam as part of the application process.

This all sounds rather painless, but struggling through their dysfunctional job search and application process is in fact an agonizing and frustrating affair.

Job Search Issues
** You will almost never really see all available jobs. The job search function simply does not work properly because they use a generic, off-the-shelf software package that does not interface well with their unique job posting methods.
** There is a limit of 100 jobs that can be reported for each search. But there are often more than 100 job postings that meet you search criteria, and you will never see the ones that were dropped due to the max of 100.
** They use strange job titles that you would never know to search for. Like Sales Service & Distribution Associate, their name for the clerk who works at the front counter in a Post Office.
** A shocking number of jobs will never be reported due to constant misspellings, odd abbreviations, and other posting errors by over 30,000 Postmasters nationwide who post their own jobs.

Application Issues
** Confusing and conflicting instructions leave you guessing what you should do, or should not do, throughout the lengthy online application. Think income tax instructions … incomprehensible bureaucratic fed-speak.
** Incomplete instructions are a big problem. Do you include a resume … where? A cover letter … where? Personal or professional references… where? There is a section for attachments, but what attachments?

How to Get Around the Job Search & Application Issues
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** Included are hacks to get the job search to really work for you – multi-layered and filtered search strategies to get around the dysfunctional software, the chronic posting errors, and the max of 100 results.
** Also included is a directory of all entry level jobs with their official titles and job descriptions.
** Our guide provides complete and detailed application instructions. Using these instructions, there is nothing left to chance and no guessing. You will know exactly what do and where to do it. You will also know what you should not do.

Being able to find all open jobs is important. Properly completing the application is even more important. If your application is not completed and submitted correctly, it will be kicked out, and you will never be considered for a job.

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