Postal Exam 473 / 473E

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New USPS Virtual Entry Assessment (VEA) Program

Exam 473/473E was retired as of April 1, 2019 and replaced by the below four new tests.

  • Postal exam 474 is used to fill mail carrier jobs.
  • Postal exam 475 is used to fill mail handler jobs.
  • Postal exam 476 is used to fill mail processing jobs.
  • Postal exam 477 is used to fill customer service jobs.

This change is part of their new Virtual Entry Assessment (VEA) program. These tests are sometimes called VEA exams on the Postal website. Specifically, you may see them referred to as the Mail Carrier VEA, the Mail Handler VEA, the Mail Processing VEA, and the Customer Service VEA.

The author of our Postal job/exam guides, T.W. Parnell, has taken all four new exams, made a score of 100 on each, and is in the process of creating test prep materials for these new tests. 

All four new tests are very similar and consist primarily of the below three sections whose questions are drawn from the Personal Characteristics &; Experience Inventory (PCEI) section of exam 473E. 

  • The “Work Scenarios” section asks questions about how you would respond to a variety of work situations.
  • The “Tell Us Your Story” section asks questions about your background and experience.
  • The “Describe Your Approach” section asks questions about your preferred style of work and approach to work.

The questions in these sections are presented in a slightly different fashion than in exam 473E’s PCEI section, but they are nonetheless taken from that section of exam 473E. 
New exam 474 contains only the three PCEI type sections described above.

Two of the new tests, exams 475 and 476, include the three PECI type sections and one additional section entitled “Check for Errors”. In this section you are to compare twelve pairs of 8 digit numbers to see if they are exactly alike or different in any way.

One of the new tests, exam 477, includes the three PECI type sections and one additional math section entitled “Work Your Register”. In this section you are to select the smallest number of bills and coins for giving a customer change.
Check back regularly for updates and new materials as they become available. In the meantime, certain parts of our Complete Postal Exam 473/473E Interactive eGuide offer your best bet for test preparation.

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