Virtual Entry Assessment MH - (475) Postal Exam 475

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Postal exam 475, also called the Mail Handler VEA exam, is used to fill all mail handler jobs.

The questions are bizarre and are answered in a very odd fashion. People often fail because they do not understand the questions or how to answer them. But not you! You will excel with our guide.

There are four sections on this exam. Click any of the below section titles for full details on that section.

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Section Description
Work Scenarios This section asks about actions you would take – and not take – when coming across unusual circumstances on the job. To ace this section, you must choose answers that comply with USPS policies and protocols.
Check for
In this section you compare 8-digit numbers to see if they are exactly alike or different. Practice and strategies for quickly and accurately identifying differences are needed for success.
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Your Story
These questions ask about your experience and background. You must choose the particular answers they prefer to succeed.
70% of all exam questions are in this section. The questions are very strange, and it is never clear which answer is best. You must select the precise answers they want to ace the exam.

Based upon your answers, the scoring software creates a profile of you. It then compares your profile with their theoretical profile for an ideal mail handler employee. The closer you match their ideal profile, the higher your score.

USPS Practice Tests with Actual Postal Exam Questions & Proven Best Answers gives you recommended answers proven to match their ideal profile. The author has used these answers to ace exams 474, 475, 476 & 477 multiple times, and they consistently yield scores of 100 for applicants.

Also included are four complete, ultra-realistic, interactive practice tests with actual questions from the real exam.

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