Postal Exam 943/944

These exams that are so closely linked that we must discuss them together. Exams 943 and 944 are technical tests that deal exclusively with automotive maintenance and repair.

Exam 943 is used to hire Automotive Mechanics who are responsible for routine types of maintenance and repair.

Exam 944 is used to hire Automotive Technicians who are responsible for more complex types of maintenance and repair.

Here’s the odd part of this situation, to get an Automotive Mechanic job, you take one exam: the 943. To get an Automotive Technician job, you take both exams — both the 943 and the 944 — together.

We do not publish study guides for these tests, and we have no personal knowledge of guides available from other sources. But there are many auto repair books available, and there are even test prep books for auto service and repair certification exams. You might look into some of these books if you feel the need, but none of them are directly related to Postal exams 943 and 944.

However, in interviews with people who have taken these exams, the below statements were almost unanimously given:

  1. Years of automotive experience and training are required to pass these tests, and if you do not have such a knowledgeable background, you probably cannot make up for it by trying to study or prepare before the exam. Or to quote one particular fellow: “Either you already got it, or you don’t. And if you don’t, you can’t get it by studying no book.”
  2. Even professional mechanics confessed to having difficulty passing these tests, so casual or handyman type mechanics may have real trouble with them.

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