Mail Processing Clerk (MPC) //PSE MPC //Casual MPC //Mail Processing Assistant //Clerk Assistant

Test required: Virtual Entry Assessment MP - (476) Postal Exam 476

Mail Processing Clerks (MPCs) work inside Postal facilities and rarely see the public. They process incoming and outgoing mail using automated mail processing equipment or manual methods of sortation and distribution. They also collate, bundle, and transfer processed mail from one area to another, and they may be required to handle sacks of letter mail or parcels weighing as much as 70 pounds.

There are five categories of MPC positions as listed below. Applicants for all five categories must take Postal exam 476. Depending upon the needs of local Post Offices, you will regularly find job postings for all five categories nationwide. Details on wages, benefits, and hours are provided in individual job postings.

Mail Processing Clerk (MPC) is a full-time career position that comes with the famous complete Postal benefits package.

PSE Mail Processing Clerk (PSE MPC) is an entry level job that can lead a to career position. (PSE stands for Postal Support Employee). When a career MPC position opens up, if there are PSE MPCs employed at that particular facility, the career position is offered to the senior PSE MPC. If there are no PSE MPCs employed at that facility, the Postmaster posts an open job listing for a career MPC position. PSE employees are typically hired for 360 day terms and can be reappointed for additional 360 day terms. PSE jobs may come with partial benefits either immediately or after the first 360 day term.

Casual Mail Processing Clerk, Mail Processing Assistant, and Clerk Assistant jobs are similar to PSE MPC jobs except that they cannot lead directly into career positions. Employees in these jobs are hired to temporarily supplement the normal workforce on an as-needed basis.

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