How long is my Post Office exam score valid?

Post Office exam scores are valid 6 years. But a more important question is why would you continue applying for USPS jobs using a Postal exam score that has proven to be too low. A better idea is to retake the exam trying for a better score.

You can retake the Postal exam every 120 days. When applying for Post Office jobs, if you took the exam less than 120 days ago, they will automatically use your existing score. But if you took the Postal exam more than 120 days ago, they will let you choose to use your current score or to retake the test.

If your existing score was not good enough to get you the first U.S. Postal Service job you applied for, there’s no reason to think it will get you a job when applying for future postings. Retaking the Post Office exam to try for a better score would be a good move. However, they keep your newest score and toss the old one even if the new score is lower.

What that means to you is that you really need to get serious about test preparation when retaking the test. The Postal Service says that exam 473/473E, which is used to fill over 95% of all USPS jobs, carries an 80-90% failure rate. And you must have one of the top 3 scores to be invited to an interview.

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