How often can I take or retake the Post Office exam?

You can only take the four new tests that are now used to fill over 95% of all jobs either once every two years or once a year depending upon your score the first time around. You must wait two years if you pass but do not get the top score needed to get a job. If you fail, you must wait one year. The four new tests are exams 474, 475, 476 & 477.

To retake an exam, you must apply for an open job posting just like you did the first time. When applying, if it has been an appropriate length of time since you last took the test, they will give you the choice of using your existing score or retaking the exam. If it has been less than the appropriate length of time, they will automatically use your existing score, and you will not be given the opportunity to retake the test.

Retaking the exam is a good idea if you did not get the first Post Office job you applied for. If your score was not good enough to get you a job the first time around, there is no reason to assume it will get you hired when applying for other Postal jobs. But when you retake the exam, they keep the most recent score even if it’s lower than your previous score. So it is very important to effectively prepare for the test the second time around.

And that’s where our USPS Virtual Entry Assessment Test Prep Guide comes in.

The scoring software creates a profile of you based upon your answers and compares your profile with their theoretical profile for an ideal employee. The closer you match their ideal profile, the higher your score, and the greater your chance for getting the job.

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