What is on USPS Virtual Entry Assessment - CS (477) / Postal Exam 477?

There are four sections, described below, on USPS Virtual Entry Assessment – CS (477), also called Postal Exam 477, most of which consist of bizarre questions which are answered in a very odd fashion. It is not unusual for applicants to fail because they never really understand the questions or how to answer them.

Work Scenarios Section
Each question in this section describes a potential job situation. The answer choices are possible actions that you could take in that situation. You are to select two answer choices, the action you would be most likely to take and the action you would be least likely to take. Most answer choices seem to be reasonable. There are no obvious correct answers.

Work Your Register Section
This is the only purely objective section where there are definitive right and wrong answers. Each question describes a transaction by giving you the total amount of the purchase, the amount paid, and the change due. You are to calculate the smallest number of bills and coins that can be used to give the customer his change.

Tell Us Your Story Section
The questions here ask about your experience and background. Each question has you describe your experience in different types of jobs and situations.

Describe Your Approach Section
The questions in this section ask about your approach to work circumstances, your personality, how you relate to other people, how you handle stress, your goals, your conscientiousness, your motivation, your attentiveness, etc. There are two statements in each question. You are to choose which statement best describes you and to what degree it describes you. It is never obvious which answer choice may be best.

The big problem with this exam is that most answer choices appear to be reasonable, but they are looking for specific preferred answers. Based upon your answers, the scoring software builds a profile of you and compares it to their theoretical profile for an ideal employee. Your score is a measure of how well you match their ideal profile.

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