What kind of Postal exam score do I need to get a USPS job?

The short answer is that you need one of the top 3 scores. Here are facts that should indicate if you made it to the top 3.

This discussion is based upon one assumption and one Postal policy. The assumption is that we are talking about Post Office exam 473/473E, but that is a very safe assumption because exam 473/473E is the test almost all applicants take. Postal exam 473/473E is used to fill over 90% of all U.S. Postal Service jobs. The USPS policy is that only the top three applicants are invited for employment interviews, and one of those three gets the job. In other words, you must have one of the top three scores for any chance at all.

Beginning with that foundation, these points should give you an idea how good your score is and what your chances are.
• According to the Postal service, Post Office exam 473/473E carries an 80-90% failure rate.
• 70 is a passing score. Most people who manage to pass barely do so with scores in the 70’s.
• The highest possible score we have been able to confirm is in the mid to upper 80’s.
• A score of 100 is simply not possible on exam 473/473E. Any person or web site that says differently is gravely mistaken.
• Basically, any score in the 80’s is a good one, and a score in the mid to upper 80’s is a great one.
• A score in the mid to upper 80’s typically assures you get an interview invitation.
• A score in the lower 80’s may get you an interview depending on how other test takers scored.

How good your score is, how your score compares to all the other test takers, and getting one of the top three scores all really depend on one thing: effective test preparation.

Mastering the strange skills and inhuman speed demanded on the exam call for an up-to-date and interactive online test prep guide. All Postal exams are now given on the computer. Preparing for the exam with a printed book is no longer possible. Pencil & paper sample tests cannot provide the realistic practice that is so vital to your success.

An effective guide should include proven test taking strategies developed specifically for Postal exam 473/473E, especially for the mind boggling Memory Section. Most importantly, the guide must offer realistic interactive practice tests that are critically important for mastering the unfamiliar skills, test taking strategies, and incredible speed needed for success.

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