How long is the Post office exam?  How many questions are there?

Post Office exam 473/473E is used to fill over 95% of all entry level USPS jobs and is taken in two separate timed sessions. The timing and number of questions for both sessions follow.

Session 1

The first session consists of a single section, the Personal Characteristics & Experience Inventory section, where you are given 90 minutes to answer 150 questions. Most people, however, finish it in about an hour. This session of the exam is not proctored, meaning that you take it on your own without supervision.

Session 2

The second session of the exam is proctored. You take it at a supervised testing site. It consists of the four sections given below along with the time allowed and the number of questions for each.

Even though it appears that this section may take only 39 minutes, the Postal Service says to allow at least 90 minutes, and they are right. Registering at the beginning of the test, reading all the long drawn out instructions at every step along the way, and answering sample questions to assure you understood the instructions takes up a lot of time. Unlike the first session where the timing allowed is generous, the speed demanded on all sections of the second session is incredible.

According to the Postal Service, Post Office Exam 473/473E carries an 80-90% failure rate, and you must have one of the top 3 scores to be invited to an interview. Answering all the questions … and answering them correctly … within the time allowed is all but impossible without extensive practice and preparation. That’s where we come in.

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